High Frequency Radar Collaboration (IH-PT)

Division of Oceanography of the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute

Collaboration opportunity

The National high frequency (HF) radar network of Continental Portugal is operated by the Hydrographic Institute (IH-PT), an agency of the Portuguese Navy and a State Laboratory. Currently, this comprises 6 CODAR SeaSonde HF radars sites distributed along the more than 940 km of the Portuguese continental coastline: Leça da Palmeira, Palmeira (the northernmost site), São Julião and Cabo Espichel (covering the Lisbon area), and Sagres, Alfanzina and Vila Real de Santo António (covering the whole Algarve coastline).
The IH-PT HFR Team is seeking collaborations and synergies with other HFR users and research groups, to develop products involving the use of HFR data.